BlueMercury Opens In The Gold Coast



4 E. Elm brought modern luxury to an area of the Gold Coast where it was lacking newness. Now, it’s adding a sprinkle of extra luxury with BlueMercury, the luxury beauty retailer.

Ever since the windows were covered with “BlueMercury Coming This Summer”, I was following it like a hawk. I live three minutes away and being a beauty junkie I was already plotting how I’ll spend my days at BlueMercury. Buy a candle one day, haircare the next, etc. But, Summer came and left with BlueMercury still not open. Well, it finally opened, sorta.


I spoke with an employee and was told that the development was delayed so many times over the Summer that they wanted to open as soon as possible as the Holiday Season is approaching so they skimped on a few things. For one, they have these tacky signs (in my opinion) that say “Now Open”. What is this? The Dollar Store?

The Good:

  • Great location. The Gold Coast is a perfect spot for BlueMercury as they tend to be more of a neighborhood store. It’s located in the 4 E Elm building which is in a great location with lots of traffic. I actually happen to live on the same block or two and can see myself coming here for my beauty needs.
  • Friendly staff
  • Stocked full of a wide arrange of products from La Mer to Oribe to NEST. For the stores size, I was pleasantly surprised!
  • It includes a SPA.

The Bad:

  • Isn’t finished yet. You can tell they were rushing to open as the inside isn’t completely finished nor is the signage outside. It still says SUMMER 2017 as opening date but then says NOW OPEN. Summer came and left without it being open
  • No store events, promotion or news. It just popped up out of no where. I tried getting in contact with the store before they opened so I can see if there were any opening events so I can cover them for the site but no one got back to me.
  • TOO CRAMPED. OMG, I was wearing my Chanel Boy bag which isn’t that bag and I literally almost knocked things over several times. You can’t turn around without almost knocking anything over.
  • Too many employees! The space is small and has limited (I mean super limited) walking space. Imagine when it’s crowded?! I couldn’t browse in peace as the employees were basically breathing on my neck. I felt uncomfortable. As I online shop a lot now days, I go into stores for the experience. I love going in to smell, test and play with products but it was hard to enjoy my time here. I feel like this location is their forgotten location in Chicago.


This is all the information I can gather at the moment and my opinions on this location when I visited. I was told no photos inside so I couldn’t take any to really show you guys. Hopefully I can get in contact with the GM or something for a more in-depth tour of the store, events and future plans.