The Migration off Michigan Avenue Continues: Chanel is relocating to Oak Street


When most people think of luxury handbags, suits, pearls, two-tone shoes and fragrance, they think of CHANEL. CHANEL has been down in the dumps lately though. They haven’t been able to keep up with all the new redesign that has been going on along Michigan Avenue lately. Who can forget the site of the huge Gucci store redesign?! Tiffany’s also stepped it up as well. On top of that, a sleuth of new stores are popping up on the famed shopping street. A four story Starbucks is coming to the Avenue and heck, even the new T-Mobile store looks pretty darn good!


(Mag Mile’s Tiffany & Co remodel Rendering)

Unfortunately though, the CHANEL flagship located on the first floor of The Drake Hotel is so…. un-CHANEL. Walk too fast and you won’t even notice it. It looks run down, dusty and old. But thankfully, that’s about to change because CHANEL is moving to a glitzier location and brand new development on Oak Street!

Oak Street is way more suited for CHANEL. Michigan Avenue just screams tourist to me. Full of all the brick and mortar chains that every mall in America has. Over the past few years all the upscale shops have been moving just North to Oak Streets tree lined streets. Actually it seems that the luxury fashion houses are liking the more neighborhood feel as Versace and Dior have popped up even more North… onto Rush Street!

59-65 E Oak St is currently under construction and is the location CHANEL is moving in to. There will be at least two other retail locations in this space. I’ve heard Valentino is looking at one of the vacant spaces but, which could the other be? The new construction will also include a restaurant on the top floor. This development will be very exciting to watch as we all saw how the Esquire Theatre development completely transformed Oak Street with the addition of Tom Ford, Louboutin, Del Frisco’s and Dolce & Gabbana. One thing is certain, Oak Street will be a lot more happening with it’s nightlife. Del Frisco’s, Fig & Olive and this new restaurant. I’d love to see a Chicago version of NYC’s Buddakan or The Standard NYC’s glitzy Boom Boom Room.AR-170709963.jpg