New Mascara Rotation: Fall 2016


Ok, so by now I am sure you guys know I swear by Make Up For Ever’s Smokey Lash Mascara. I still do, but I noticed lately I haven’t been gravitating much to it. I realized that all the mascaras I’ve been using lately are brand new to my vanity. It shocked me to see that all of them were luxury mascaras because I wear false lashes daily and never cared much about buying high end mascaras. When I picked out my top 5, I noticed that I was spending more on mascara than normal ( Le Metier de Beauté and Lancome mascaras were sent to me, but I do plan on purchasing them once finished).

I’ll start out with my absolute favorite pairing of the bunch, my Guerlain mascaras. They are from the same line (Maxilash) but, very different in my opinion. I always use two different mascaras. One for the base and one for the volume. I first use the original Maxilash Volumizing & Curling Mascara as it give my long and semi voluminous lashes a nice curl and good foundation to build on. I then use my top favorite mascara, Maxilash Intense Volumizing Mascara. This baby give my lashes such volume, it looks like I am wear false lashes before I even apply my falsies. These two go perfectly together! They both are a true black and have the most gorgeous, heavy and luxurious packaging as well! I must say the Maxilash Intense Volumizing Mascara has probably replaced MUFE’s as my favorite. As I mentioned earlier, I always layer two different mascaras but my Maxilash Intense Volumizing Mascara is always used as my final layer no matter which base I use first, except for when I use Trish McEvoy’s High Volume Mascara.

Trish McEvoy has surprised me lately. In an older post you may recall how I went a month or two having a mini obsession with her brand. The Trish counter always looked so boring to me and never called my attention until I fell in love with her planner. You can check that post out by clicking here. I received Trish’s High Volume Mascara in a planner kit and have repurchased since then. The formula is great but what I really love about this mascara is the wand! It’s really skinny and come to a pretty tight point, so it’s easy to build the mascara on certain areas of your lashes. It’s very helpful for the inner corner and bottom lashes. You have to be careful using this mascara though because it can dry your lashes out if you use too much. This is why I always use this mascara as my finishing layer, never as my base layer.

I recently got sent some products from Le Metier de Beauté, a brand I’ve been wanting to try but now that I’m living in Chicago, I haven’t seen it in any department stores on Michigan Avenue. I was thrilled when I got the most gorgeous silver package in the mail. Le Metier de Beauté is great with the little details and that’s what truly makes the brand stand out as a luxury brand. LMdB isn’t cheap by any means, it’s what I like to call “Luxe Luxury”, a step above the regular luxury brands like Chanel, YSL & Armani. It’s in the Cle de Peau and Sisley Paris level. I love this mascara as a base or as a finishing layer. The brush is perfect for building layers as it has chunky bristles in the beginning and end with smaller chunky bristles in the middle. Perfect for wiggling around the base of your lashes. It doesn’t flake, dry out my lashes or clump them together. There is one think I don’t like about this mascara though and I know it’s super minor but the packaging is super light weight. For the price, $42 USD, I expected it to be made of higher quality packaging similar to Guerlains Maxilash. But, thats a minor issue that is just preference.

I also recently received some goodies from Lancome. I’ll be honest with you, I have never purchased anything from Lancome. Nothing! I know, shocking! None of their products really stood out to me. That has since changed as I finally caved in and purchased their Dual Finish Powder per many of my girlfriends praise. Now I think my second Lancome purchase will be their Definicils mascara. It isn’t as volumizing as the other mascaras but, serves as a good base or a good spot treatment. By spot treatment, I mean those spots that you feel don’t go with the rest of your lashes. You know, that one little cluster of lashes that just didn’t separate or build enough volume. The brush is really skin and perfect for getting those hard to reach lashes, as well as your bottom lash line. It can smudge though but the packaging is luxurious and the price point is the cheapest out of the five.

Now you may be thinking why I’ve gotten back into mascaras since I’ve been using false lashes daily (Ardell Demi Wispies, all day…everyday!). Well, it just makes the lashes blend in perfectly with the Demi Wispies, especially in the day time. Having a nice thick lash to start off with really helps hide any mistakes from the glue or placement of the false lashes, especially in daylight. It really blends the lashes in with my false lashes. Almost everyone I come in contact with compliments my lush lashes, not knowing they’re fake. I’m always honest and tell them they are falsies because I feel so proud at how real they look! I’m the type of girl who gets geeked up and says “Can you say that again?”.

I really hope you check out these awesome mascaras. I truly love them and have been reaching for them the most. I guarantee you will love at least two of these mascaras. If you want to take the safe route, purchase Guerlain’s Maxilash Volume Intense. It’s my favorite out of the five, only by half a point though. They are all fantastic.

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xx Giselle

Disclaimer: Le Metier de Beauté & Lancome were sent to me for consideration. My thoughts are more than 100% honest and I would not share them if I didn’t believe in the products.