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So, I woke up this morning to cold feet (literally). I left the windows open in my high-rise apartment due to the muggy and warm day we had yesterday in Chicago and in the matter of hours the weather plummeted! I live right on the Lake or the Beach like some call it (it’s not a beach guys sorry!), so it tends to be cooler in my area. With that being said, I had to bust out the cooler weather skincare products and decided to share with you guys one of my favorite cold weather staples. Oil.

I recently got a beautiful box filled with products from NUXE Paris. Perfect timing as they are known for their oils. To my delight, one of my old favorites was in there, Huile Prodigieuse. I can’t pronounce it so I just call it their signature dry oil. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before. It’s probably their best selling product. The other oil they make which has a bronzing, shimmer tint to it is just as good to add a nice sheen on the legs or décolletage.

I use this everywhere except my chin area as I tend to break out the most there. It’s a great spot treatment for rough patches on your face. I don’t use it all over though. It truly is multi-purpose as it makes my body silky smooth and tames fly aways when used on my hair. I also have really coarse eyebrows, so I use some of this to condition them.

You can purchase their oil at their website, or at Target as well as other beauty retailers.

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