Madame LA LA Self-Tanner Review

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The smell! That delicious coconut fragrance I can smell on my skin at the moment as my self-tanner dries. Yes, you heard right. I am enjoying the smell of my self-tanner. It’s almost like an oxymoron to say that a self-tanner smells so good! The two usually don’t go together. Usually you loathe the smell of the DHA in your self-tanner! Not with this new line of tanner that was sent to me a few days ago!

I’ve seen the Madame LA LA logo a few times at the Pro Makeup Artist shops where I purchase products for my makeup kit, but for some reason associated it with stage makeup. No clue why. It was by accident that I clicked on it one day and it led me this newcomer in the arena of self-tanners. Be a huge self-tanning junky, I started researching and decided to take the plunge and try it. Problem was they were sold out in the stores they were carried in and couldn’t find them anywhere. I contacted the company (Hey Daniel!) and told him I’d absolutely love to try out some of their products and he immediately sent me over their full line. I am not being paid to write this review by the way. If it was horrible, I would simply refuse to write a review but, it’s so good that I couldn’t wait to write one!

IMG_1304pictured here are the regular and Light version. I only use the regular.

Madame LA LA hails from the U.K., where some of the best self-tanners are produced and conjured up. St. Tropez and Vita Liberata are just a few to name that have their roots across the pond. Let me tell you this, those Britain’s sure know how to make a self-tanner. Must be from the lack of sun they get in their beautiful country! Madame LA LA was no exception and has completely knocked out my other self-tanners to the back of my beauty closet. This is by far, the best self-tanner I have tried.

From the company:

“Madame LA LA Tan provides an instant LA glow that develops into an even deep golden colour in 3 hours. The lightweight tinted mousse is a quick-dry DD Tan perfector (Dynamic do-all) infused with hydrating skincare benefits; Coco Water, Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E, plus built-in skin finishing perfectors. Innovative colour customising technology ensures your tan looks natural whilst adapting to your individual skin tone. Madame LA LA tan will las for 10 days as if you have spent 2 weeks on Malibu Beach!”

It has the typical mousse pump packaging, but thats probably the only similarity it has to other self-tanners. For one it smells absolutely delicious! It really does! I can’t smell a hint of DHA on me. I smell like a Coconut Ice Cream Bar! It’s nothing overpowering though. The formula glides on so smooth! It’s like lotion in a mousse form. I’m still baffled at how well it spreads! When it dries it’s not at all tacky. I know, too good to be true you’re thinking! I’m thinking the same, but it’s just that good! While it sits on my skin it keeps it fully hydrated as well. I usually have dry skin so suffered for years when self-tanning as it formed cracks and patches on me. Not with Madame LA LA.

The color is a beautiful brown color. Not a hint of orange, jaundice yellow or pasty pink to it. Just plain brown. Like a real tan you’d get from Mallorca or like Madame LA LA likes to say, Malibu. Fade wise, I will admit that although it fades by far the best than any other tanner I have used, it slightly faded unevenly around my elbow. I don’t blame the product thought because my skin is really dry in that area and every tanner does this.

Theres a few things I dislike about Madame LA LA as a whole. One of them being that it’s extremely hard to get a hold of. It was sold out on their website and when I purchased my own bottle at a Professional Beauty Store, the mousse came out blue. It was probably not stored correctly or was probably expired by the time they sold it. I also wish they would make a good mitt with it. Every self-tanning line makes a mitt. If Madame LA LA is capable of making a fabulous self-tanner, I can imagine how good their mitt will be!

For those who get tired of my rambling, heres the quick version of my review. Super blendable, smells delicious, beautiful brown color and almost patch free application. I know I sound like an infomercial the whole review through but I am just so excited to finally find a self-tanner that actually does what it says!

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