Throwback Thursday #OOTD

In honor of Throw-Back Thursday, I’ve opened the vault and pulled out a photo of one of my favorite outfits ever! This outfit from September 2015 brings back such amazing memories. It was a day I got to experience the Puerto Rican side of my family by visiting the Humboldt Park district in Chicago for a charity even with my mother. I learned so much and had a great day bonding with my mom!12308216_532863296879724_5382073955362756142_o

Dress: When I first saw this paisley print Trina Turk dress on the hanger at Nordstrom, I wasn’t to keen on it. But, the sales associate just raved how beautiful it looked on. So, I gave in and tried it on. It was a bit too loose and had not shape so I asked her to bring me any belt just to see how it would look and I fell in love! One of my favorite tricks for any ill fitting dress or top is to belt it. It not only gives it shape but can transform the dress completely. It went from Hippie-Chic to Sexy-Chic.

Belt: I felt pretty fancy this day, so I decided to use a Hermes skinny belt to add shape and a pop of luxury to this seemingly casual dress. It changed the look completely! This isn’t the same belt the sales associate gave me. I had asked for any skinny belt she could find. She found a PVC neon orange belt which was hideous but it gave me the mental idea of how it would look with one of my own belts. At first I was going to go with a brown belt I had from H&M but after looking at my accessories I decided with the gold Hermes belt.

Shoes: These are my favorite boots ever! I live for an Over The Knee Boot! Problem is, they are so hard to find! They either aren’t tall enough, slouch down or baggy looking. These have been a closet staple for a while and I take very good care of them since they are my favorite boots ever for the Fall. They make any outfit sexy! These are from Jimmy Choo and I believe they are the Tamba or Toni style. I’ve had them for a couple years so not sure if they still make this style but they have a beautiful similar boot called Giselle which I need to pick up since Giselle is my name after-all!

Bag: Saint Laurent or YSL Y Clutch at the time of purchase. I still hate that they changed the name. YSL sounds so much better and the Y is so chic. Not sure if this clutch is still available but it has held up well for the 5 or so years I’ve had her. Very good quality!

Jewelry: You can’t see it too well but I am wearing a beautiful gold evil eye necklace that was given to me by my mother. The big hoop earrings are pretty much a staple in my wardrobe. I don’t care what anyone says about hoops being tacky. I love them and the bigger the better!

What do you think? How would you have styled this dress differently? 

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #OOTD

  1. artfulattempt says:

    I really like the print of that dress – I don’t know if I could pull off those boots, but you look great! I probably would’ve worn sandals with this or cozied it up with tights and a sweater for chilly weather!

  2. luxebeau says:

    Yea the boots were risky in my opinion but it turned out good. I was worried about them at first looking a bit to lady of the streets haha!

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