It’s That Time Of Year! Designer Sales!


I love how the Fashion Cycle works. Right in the beginning of Summer their Spring/Summer collections go on Sale. Right in the beginning of Winter, their Fall/Winter collections go on Sale. Why is this good? Well because you get to still wear those colorful heels or pair of boots for a while until the must be retired to the closet!


giphyTwice a year luxury designers have their end of season sale (it’s really the beginning of the season, but whatever) around May/June all the way to Mid-July and January to February. I know what you’re probably saying. You’re a Fashion Blogger, you should be sticking with the Fashion Calendar. Baby girl, no. I’m not one these Couture Fashion Bloggers, I am a main stream Fashion Blogger. The girl that goes to Neiman Marcus, not the Balenciaga Showroom to get directly off the runway outfits. I believe I’m what they call a Basic Girl?  I’ll wait until it trickles down a bit and I can afford or actually wear those pieces. You’ll never catch me wearing an outfit straight of The Blonds runway. I have normal errands to do, thank you.

Any who, go run to your closest Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s, Nordstrom! Wherever you have a store credit card! Go score some deals and rack up them points boo! But just a few tips to help you save even more!

1).Brand Boutiques Usually Have Better Deals.

For example these Gucci shoes are $399 on the Gucci website, while on Sak’s they are $556.50! Almost a $200 savings!

2). The Longer You Wait, The More They Get Marked Down.

This is very hard to do and gets tricky. Many of the in demand items sell out super fast but sometimes (if you are Paris Hilton who allegedly wears a not so common size 13 foot) you will get lucky and see that your size is still there and instead of the original 40% off, it’s now 60%!

3). In Store Sales Are Usually Better.

Usually, is the key word here. I have found that going in store they have a bigger selection of sale items and sometimes priced even lower than they are online! More selection and deeper discounts? Lets do this!

4). Some Brands Only Participate In Sales In Store Only.

This is the case for Christian Louboutin. Yes, Christian Louboutin does go on sale. Don’t go in thinking you’re going to pick up a Nude pair of Pigalle’s though because those never go on sale unless they have some weird design on them. Usually the colorful, Summer collection items go on sale. I’ve never seen Louboutins on sale on their website or a department store website. Some other high end brands follow suit and do the same. So make sure you at least peep in person.

5). Check Out Websites Like And Shop Style. is my new obsession. I purchased a pair of Jimmy Choo Abel Pumps on there for $199! They were originally $595 and were in Nude! Farfetch offers bigger discounts because they connect you with boutiques around the world that are having sales. Since these boutiques are smaller and not well known boutiques, they usually offer higher discounts. Plus, usually has a code somewhere for 10%!


It’s only about Day 6 of the Designer Sale and, I refresh the sites daily! My strategy this year is to wait for them to go to at least 50% off, but I wont wait longer than June 15 because by then all the good stuff is gone! Although, last year I was shopping in South Coast Plaza’s Louboutin Store and the day before 4th of July they brought out more “hidden” stock and purchased quite a few pairs at a pretty good price. But, it’s very hard to predict how these designers are going to act. It’s never the same every year. Some of my favorites have already sold out sadly but, I still have a few going for me!


Have you purchased anything yet? What exciting finds have you found so far? Let me know on Twitter @LuxeBeau or comment below!

Happy Shopping!

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