Products That Don’t Live Up To Their Hype & Ones to Purchase Instead

It seems that every year the same products win the same awards. That’s totally fine with me if they deserve it. Problem is, most of the time they don’t. For example, Maybelline’s horrible pink and green packaged mascara. You know which one I’m talking about. The one that every make-up artist just raves about and every magazine gives their “Best Mascara Award” to. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, that mascara sucks! It’s the worst mascara I’ve ever tried! I rather take a spooley brush and rub tar on my lashes than use that mascara. I must give some serious props to Maybelline’s PR team because they really built hype around that mascara thats been untouched since 1983.

Any who, enough ranting. Let’s get to the “Buy This, Not That” portion of the post.

1). Throw Touche Eclat Out. Purchase Dior SkinFlash.

Oh, Touche Eclat. Wait, let me type it the fancy way… Touché Eclat. Why does everyone seem to believe that this will make you look well rested and brighten your face. The packaging is uber cute but the product isn’t. It makes your eyes look more hollow, gives you no “radiance” or “glow” and is drying on many users. Plus, since it’s uber cute, it’s uber expensive.

I’m not a huge fan of Dior but their rival product, SkinFlash does the job that Touche Eclat claims to do. It even has more coverage. Not that the Touche Eclat is meant to be a concealer but, who doesn’t want the added benefit? It illuminates the eye area, it’s moisturizing and a few buck cheaper. What is that you say? How is a few bucks going to make a difference? Well my friend, it also has more product. Touche Eclat contains 0.1 oz of product. Yup, Zero Point ONE. While my friend SkinFlash contains 0.5 oz.

2). Throw La Mer’s Cult Moisturizer Out. Buy Keihl’s Ultra Facial Cream.

I’ll admit that I jumped on the “La Mer is the best cream ever, it was made by a Scientist accidentally and is totally worth the price and I see such a difference” bandwagon about two times in my life. In reality it’s an over-priced moisturizer with a 1980’s logo full of Mineral Oil. If you don’t know, Mineral Oil is horrible for your skin. It blocks your pores and is found in like Gold Bond Foot Cream. You want Gold Bond Foot Cream on your face?

Instead buy Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. Their whole Ultra Facial Line is pretty fantastic actually. I’ve been using this cream for years. Now, it doesn’t have any anti-aging benefits (neither does La Mer) but that’s what your serum is for! This is a simple moisturizer that will do it’s job for around $27. La Mer starts at $170. I won’t totally hate on La Mer though because it does work on some people so get a sample and try it out. In my opinion though, the Kiehl’s works better for your face and wallet.

3). Skip M.A.C. Brushes. Purchase Trish McEvoy Brushes. 

Let me just say that I do like M.A.C. brushes, especially their eye brushes. I use them daily.  But if you’re going to invest in brushes, go to the pro. Who is this Queen you ask? Trish McEvoy. I never was interested in her brand. It didn’t scream out to me and seemed very “bleh”. For years I heard how Trish McEvoy was the one who actually “invented” (I don’t believe that for one minute, she just made them popular) make-up brushes. Legend has it (yup, legend because it’s just talk and no proof) that she would custom make her brushes for her clients since make-up brushes weren’t popular way back when in her glory days.

Ok let me stop hating on Trish. I love her brushes. Once I bought a brush set, I was sold. Yes, they’re pricey but they are worth it! Plus, they are all travel sized. Not travel sized like M.A.C.’s where you get subpar quality. They’re travel sized and very good quality. Perfect handle length (who needs a foot long brush handle?) that fits in your make-up bag. Her brushes are so soft and fluffy. I’d advise to stick around and wait for when they are sold in a set like pictured above. It’s a great deal and happens a lot. Oh, and guess what? Just because they’re sold in a set, doesn’t mean they are subpar quality. Looking at you M.A.C.!

4). Skip L’Oreal Elnett. Purchase Oribe Superfine Strong Hold. 

If you really love Elnett so much might as well just buy Aquanet for a fraction of the cost. It literally gives you helmet hair. I think what appeals to consumers so much about this product is its beautiful vintage packaging and the fact the Kardashians did major photo ops with this hair spray. Pretty sure they were paid for it.

Instead try Oribe’s Superfine Strong Hold. Yes, it’s more expensive but Oribe is top notch quality. This hairspray will give you the hold you need without the crunch of Elnett.

5). Toss Lancome Genifique Serum. Purchase Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. 

Why are so many people obsessed with this serum. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Your skins worst enemy is alcohol. It legit erodes your skins barrier. Lancome’s Genifique is full of alcohol. For a serum you want something hydrating so it can seal in the vitamins and anti-oxidants it provides.

Here’s were my favorite product of all time comes in. Estee Lauder’s Advanced night Repair Serum. Instead of being full of skin drying Alcohol, this contains Hyaluronic Acid which holds in moisture. Moisture is key when you want your skin to regenerate. It’s also chock full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that will be sealed in by a layer of moisture. Just trust me on this one and go buy it.

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