The Beauty Blender Pro Line Is Expanding!


beautyblender-pro-pacI live in Chicago but was born and raised in North Jersey and New York City. Not sure if you know this but, New Yorker’s have a thing for black. Does the phrase “all black everything” ring a bell? It’s always chic, slimming and sexy. Well let’s just say the Beauty Blender Pro Line is getting sexier! Way sexier!

If you still haven’t hopped on the Beauty Blender bandwagon, don’t be all uncool as Luann De Lessepes would say. It’s the perfect product to to blend that foundation out. But, this post isn’t about that so if you are unfamiliar with it, exit out and go do some research loser!

All jokes aside, this is a beauty junkie’s must have! I always had this theory that the black Beauty Blender worked way better than its sorority sister (the pink one, ew). I have no clue why! Maybe the dye adds some special powers? I don’t know and don’t care as long as it keeps my foundation flawless. Seems as though Rea Ann Silva (the creator of the iconic sponge) has caught on to how sexy the Pro Line is and is creating a whole bunch of new (well, not new just not pink) line of products that are black!

The Beauty Blender Pro Line will include several of your favorite Beauty Blender products, but better (since it’s black, duh!). The Blotterazzi, Line Designer and Micro Mini will all be launched in black this Summer! Though it’s already for sale at Nigel Beauty Emporium and Naimes. Ontop of that, there will be a value “Pro Pac” that includes 10 full size Beauty Blender Pro’s for the steal of $125.00! If you were to purchase them individually it would come out to $200.00! That’s a savings of $75.00! If you are like me and toss your Beauty Blender away because you’re too lazy to wash them,this will definitely be a huge benefit to your wallet!

-By the way. Am I the only one who feels the Beauty Blender Pro is superior to the other Beauty Blender colors? Comment below or tweet me so I don’t feel dumb about this whole theory! Oh, and don’t get me started on the Purple and Red ones!

Images courtesy of Nigel Beauty Emporium

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