Are Louboutins Out Of Style? Tacky?

Louboutin-Pigalle-TS-Testimonial_2.jpg                                                      (Christian Louboutin’s Famous Pigalle)

Ah, the sexy brand that is Christian Louboutin. I remember purchasing my first pair. A beautiful pair of 120mm Pigalles, the Nude Kid Leather type to be exact. It was actually a big mistake as I found out how horrible kid leather is when it comes to wear and tear. Nonetheless, after purchasing that pair I became an addict and have bought dozens more since then. That was back in 2007. I felt uber stylish every time I wore them. You couldn’t tell me nothing. I was strutting down the street like I was JLO.

Now, I look at Christian Louboutin’s mass popularity and am starting to reconsider if they are still that trendy shoe I once wore. Everyone and their mother’s nail technician seem to have a pair now. Has it lost its luster? Yes! Louboutin is going down the hill that Coach, Michael Kors and Kate Spade has. They aren’t coveted anymore. Everyone has a pair and it’s everywhere! I now tend to associate that beautiful red sole with people who try to hard to fit in and girls looking for a sugar daddy. It now screams “look at me, I have a pair of designer shoes on so you know I have money”. In laymen terms it’s become “hood rich”. What’s hood rich? Well, it’s when someone who has no savings or piles of debt owns many things he/she can’t afford. Louboutins have gone the way of being a status symbol but in a bad way. They are bought mostly by the people who just buy them to show off and feel better about themselves. Since the red sole in synonymous with these expensive shoes (which, compared to other designers isn’t really expensive. Starting around $675), it’s a way for people to let others know they have money, whether they have it or not. mto-shoes-banner (Jimmy Choo’s)

Other brands such as Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and Casedei don’t have stand out logos, so they are only recognizable to someone who is very familiar with shoes. I can spot a BB heel from Manolo or a Agnes from a mile a way, though thats because I am obsessed with shoes. My prediction is that even though Christian Louboutin makes some beautiful and sexy heels, they will fade soon. The red sole that once made this brand popular will probably be what makes it tacky pretty soon.IMG_0024

(The infamous “I’m wearing Louboutins!” pose)

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P.S.- I’m guilty of doing that pose a couple times too 🙁

2 thoughts on “Are Louboutins Out Of Style? Tacky?

  1. Reese says:

    Unfortunately, I agree. If we’re being honest, Louboutins were never as comfortable as other designers, and it was primarily about showing the red sole. They were always conspicuous consumption, which is inherently tacky, but it was nicer when the only people who recognized them had a passion for fashion too. When it becomes popular in my Midwest hometown city (which is a really cool city but not known for its accessibility to designer fashion), it’s passed a certain threshold. The good news is that things will then stay popular for 5-10 years after that so it’s not as if Loubs will be out of style. This is when I have to remind myself not to care so much or take self worth from material things or “one upping” others. There are people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

  2. luxebeau says:

    So true! I’m in Chicago and everywhere I go, every single night some place is raffling off a pair of Louboutins. I love their styles but I’d much prefer a comfortable and classy Jimmy Choo than a sexy and uncomfortable CL.

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