Is Trish McEvoy’s Planner Worth It?


Trish McEvoy has always been a brand I have avoided at the cosmetic counters. Why? Well, because I never hear anyone raving about her products like they do about Chanel, Tom Ford or M.A.C. Last Christmas I was making my “wish-list” (yea, at my age I still do wish-lists) and came to the conclusion that I had all the makeup that I wanted. A huge gasp came out of my mouth and I searched vigorously through Neiman Marcus to find the product I was missing. Well, I ended up leaving with a set of brushes from Trish McEvoy. Below is a stock photo of the actual brush set I purchased. They are still available so click the link below if interested.


(Photo Via Neiman Marcus)

I fell in love with these small and compact brushes due to their ease of transportation. I thought it was a perfect idea for travel and after further research I saw that Trish McEvoy’s brushes where one of the first and best brushes made. I quickly started to look at her other products and fell in love with her planner. The thought of housing all my makeup needs in one little planner got me shivering. I was so excited to get my hands on it that I literally watched over a dozen HSN videos with Trish McEvoy products. Videos that were years old and products that weren’t available anymore. I did not care. I was obsessed big time!┬áCome Christmas morning and I opened my beloved planner. Thanks Santa! I kept holding it, staring at it and refilling the pages (the palette that you buy separately to house all her products that come in pan form).


(Removable mesh pouch, 2 Trish Pages and Trish Brushes)

Now that its been around 6 months, I can finally talk about the planner and products. I still love my planner and the idea but not really a over-excited fan anymore. Firstly, they are over-priced for what they are worth. All her eyeshadows, powder products and anything else she can squeeze into a pan are not only expensive but come in this cheap plastic packaging with no standard packaging to house the products in. You must buy a compact or palette to house them. An eyeshadow goes for around $18 and a palette or compact starts at $20. That adds a huge cost to eyeshadows that aren’t superior and way more expensive than brands like Bobbi Brown, M.A.C. or Lancome (if you still like Lancome, yuck!). Her foundations are horrible, bronzers/blushes are decent and her translucent powder is basically baby powder finely milled and pressed.


(All Trish Eyeshadows)

The only product I truly love from her line other than her planner system is her eyeshadow base. It’s a concealer and primer for your eyes all in one! I still use the planner and palettes but I have filled them up with other products. M.A.C. eyeshadows fill one palette, M.A.C. blushes in another and a depotted Tom Ford Powder and Bronzer in the other. I also really still love her brushes and use them almost daily. Some of them I keep hidden so that when I travel, I can pop them into my planner and use them like they were brand new. The planner and brushes go together great, especially for travel.


( Trish McEvoy Dual Resort Duo and M.A.C. Blush in Blushbaby)

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