Brand Obsession Part 1: Charlotte Tilbury


I’ll admit it. What first drove me into Charlotte Tilbury and her products were the packaging. Oh, also the fact that she claims she is never seen without makeup. She even reapplies make-up before bed! She claims she can do so due to many of her products merging cosmetics and skincare. We all have been hammered with the fact that sleeping with make-up is a big skin care NO. But, who doesn’t like the sound of looking almost perfect 24.7?

My initial purchase was one of her lipsticks. It’s no secret that I simply adore a nude lip and it’s basically my lip’s uniform color. When I received my first lipstick I fell in love. The satin and non-drying opaque color of Nude Kate was simply something I have never came across! Usually in the lipstick world you have to sacrifice something. You want an opaque lip? Well, you are getting dry lips with it. You want a moisturizing lipstick? Well, it’ll be sheer and not long lasting (ahem, YSL Rouge Volupte). So to come across a formula that delivered rich color, satin smooth lips and longevity was literally my version of seeing a unicorn.


I loved the lipstick so much that I branched out and bought a darker nude, Penelope Pink. I loved it so much I bought the lipliner to go with my nudes, Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude. And then….brace yourself for this one. I even ventured out and bought a red lip. Yup, I said it. It’s still a major transition for me and a bit traumatizing but I’m coping with it day by day and learning to love it.

I can pretty much end my obsession on Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and how great they are here because lets be real. Lets be real real, for me to venture out of the nude lipstick world is proof enough of how much I love her lipsticks. I almost threw away my beloved MAC Fleshpot away. Almost! Only reason I kept my Fleshpot was because the color is just too gorgeous. The formula? It’s just ew.


Charlotte must have some love for Estee Lauder because when I say the lipstick packaging is identical to Estee’s, I mean you can only tell the difference with a magnifying glass. Honestly, 9/10 times I pick up her lipstick instead of my beloved Estee Lauder lip conditioner in the middle of the night and end up with lipstick all over my pillows.


With so many colors to choose from, I am positive that you will find that you share the same love for her lipsticks as you do for Sephora.

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