March Hits & Misses

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Biosilk “Shine On” Finishing Spray– With my newly highlighted hair I noticed that my tresses were lacking shine so I picked this beauty up. I’m normally not a fan of Biosilk but I am loving this finishing spray. It adds incredible shine and doesn’t weigh my hair down (a must for me since I love big, voluminous hair!). I spray it just on the parts that are visible (bangs, crown area, ends) and it gives me a gorgeous natural looking gloss. Less is more with this spray as it can be easily over sprayed leaving your hair greasy and dirty, which I learned the very first day! Nonetheless, it’s a great shine spray once you get the hang of it. (Ulta, $19)

MAC Matte Primer– I love an airbrushed look so I am obsessed with silicone primers as they act like spackle on your skin and create a silky, pore free canvas for your foundation. Although it’s called Matte, I would classify it more towards satin. I have pretty dry skin and this gave me no problems at all and didn’t take the “glow” away from my foundation. If you love Smashbox’s Photo-Finish Primer you will absolutely love this! (MAC $21)

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Anti Aging– With warmer weather just around the corner, I started to self tan again. I am loving this product for my face. Doesn’t break me out and gives me a beautiful warm toned color. No streaks or dry patches. (Sephora $35)

Arcona Cranberry Gommage– In love with this exfoliator! Full of Enzymes and Salicylic acid, this chemically and physically exfoliates the skin. It’s a pretty harsh exfoliant though, so I wouldn’t recommend it to sensitive skin or skin that isn’t used to exfoliation. (Nordstrom $44)


Avene Thermal Spring Water- Was so excited to try this out after hearing rave reviews but it broke me out! I really don’t know how since it’s described as just mineral water but it did! Very dissapointed as I read so many reviews on how parents use this on their children when redness occurs in their skin and they claim it banishes the redness. I’ll stick to my Fix+ for now. (SkinStore $9)

Kiehl’s Line Reducing Brightening Concentrate- I adore Kiehl’s! It’s affordable and usually great quality but this is horrible. I have some dark circles and decided to try this out since it claims to reduce dark circles plus it’s full of Vitamin C. Well, it made my dark circles even more pronounced! Toss! (Nordstrom $41)

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