Powder or Pencil?: Defining Your Brows

ImageI know, it’s freakin’ scary to define your brows! But seriously girl, put some color in them brows and tame those bushy hairs! Eyebrows shape your face. Don’t ever go out with a full face of makeup but your eyebrows are untouched, EVER! If I see you I will legit put a paper bag on your head. Legit…

So the answer to the question that everyone seems to ask? Depends on a few factors. Pencil is generally more “harsh” while powder gives a softer look. I have really thick eyebrows so I actually bleach them (just to lighten them a few shades) and cut them down with some scissors. I prefer pencil because I love being able to draw a nice straight line and give my brows more of a box front. Brow powders give you less control and are best for girls who don’t have wild hairs to tame as they don’t contain wax that will help hold your hair in place like most pencils do. So, powder or pencil?


  • Tends to give a more dramatic look
  • Most pencils have wax in them so it’ll hold your hairs in place and help tame those unruly ones
  • Quick and easy, once you get the hang of it.
  • If you don’t have much hair, it can look a bit fake.
  • Use short, light strokes and it’ll look like your real brows

Brow Powders:

  • More natural look but can also look less defined. Best for girls with lots of hair
  • Doesn’t control unruly brows like a pencil with wax would
  • Any powder will do. Foundation powder, eyeshadow or brow powder. The key is finding the right shade!
  • Takes longer to master and to apply since you must use an angled brush

So what’s the best for you? The only true way to find out is by practice. Yea, you may look like a chola your first few times but once you master it you will be so happy. My favorites are…


Mabelline Define-A-Brow (my favorite and it’s so cheap!), MAC Brow Pencil & Anastasia Brow Powder Duo


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