Current Obsession: Jumping on the Cartier Love Bracelet Trend


I’m sure you’ve seen your favorite celebrity with one of these. From Kim Kardashian to David Beckham, it’s the current “it” piece of jewelry and now one of Cartier’s most iconic masterpieces is now officially mine! Yes, I finally have a Love Bracelet! It’s the perfect everyday accessory!

ImageThe Love Bracelet has a cute little concept behind it. It can only be opened and closed by a small screwdriver. Once it’s on, it’s “locked on” forever (or until you get ahold of the screwdriver or head to your local Cartier boutique). There no way to slip it off as it’s pretty tight since they measure your wrist when you order it.You give that screwdriver to your loved one and they keep it. It’s a symbol of commitment. Below is one half of the bracelet when it’s unscrewed. ImageImage

Cartier Love Bracelet with Screwdriver

I am absolutely obsessed with this bracelet. It’s simple, elegant and refined. A beautiful accessory to any outfit. Next on my list? The Gold one of course! Cartier has made the Love Bracelet concept into a line which includes rings, cufflinks, necklaces and watches.



(Kim & Kanye’s Gold Love Bracelet via upscalehype)

Also loving their evil eye bracelets! What a gorgeous combo!


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