The 7 Office Grooming Decorums


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A first impression is made everyday and you are your own walking billboard. People who maintain proper grooming habits are perceived as more intelligent and responsible. After all, it does take commitment to stick that to new skin care routine! Here are 7 helpful tips that will help you get ahead in your life, career and make you stand out from the rest!

1).Step Away From Colorful Eyeshadow

Unless you work at M.A.C., it’s best you keep your eyeshadow to neutral hues. Stick with browns, taupes and nudes.

2).Take Care Of Your Nails

Dirty fingernails are not cute! Overly long false nails are also not cute! It’s best to stick to a basic neutral manicure but if you must add some acrylic to your weak nails, make sure they are short! Feel free to play with color but stay away from designs!

3).Look Well Rested

Cover those dark circles, even out your skin tone and add some blush/bronzer to your complexion. Don’t leave your house without at least a tinted moisturizer! Your face is the first thing people notice. Look healthy and well rested at all times, even if you were up til 2 a.m. finishing paperwork.

4). Tame Those Brows

Eyebrows frame the face. Again, your face is front and center, make sure they aren’t drawing any bad attention. Avoid the pencil and use a brow powder if you must fill them in. Best route? Go with a tinted wax or tinted eyebrow gel.

5). Maintain A Good Lip

Exfoliate lips and keep them moisturized. Nothing worse then chapped lips with pieces of skin dangling. Don’t be afraid to add some color, just don’t go crazy. Nudes, light pinks and certain shades of red are the safest bet.

6). Add Some Glow

Wether it’s some highlighter or a nice subtle faux tan, keep your complexion looking healthy.

7). Go Easy On The Spritz’s

Perfume is great, but make sure it’s not overly strong and you don’t over spray. Nothing worse than having your boss sneezing all day due to your heavy fragrance. Choose a subtle clean smelling perfume. A light floral perfume also works well too!

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