Top Mascaras For Voluminous Lashes


4442241_origWhen choosing a mascara, choose one that will cater to your needs. Forget the commercials and ads, all those models are wearing false lashes. If you are looking for voluminous, thick lashes here are some mascaras you should take a look at.

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill:giorgio-armani-eyes-to-kill-mascara

With a 4.2 out of 5 rating, this mascara is sure to please. It’s a very strong black that is sure to define your lashes. No clumping or smudging. Separates your lashes but builds volume at the same time! The packaging is sleek, heavy and made out of metal. Retails for $30 USD.

Guerlain Maxi Lash:



With a 4.6 rating on MakeupAlley, it’s safe to conclude that this is a top notch mascara. No flakes, clumps or migration to water line. Luxurious Guerlain packaging and thick bristles. This mascara is sure to give you that false lash effect. Retails for $34 USD

Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash:



My all time favorite mascara. The key with this mascara is application. Instead of swiping it through your lashes, tap it. By taping the lashes repeatly you are building lots of volume. This mascara is best used in combination with another mascara. Choose another favorite mascara and swipe it through your lashes once. Then use this on top in a tapping motion and your lashes will be bold and voluminous. Extremely black, your lashes will be the focal point of your face! Retails for $24 USD.

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