A Winter Must Have: How to Style Over The Knee Boots

Jennifer Lopez in Leopard Print and Over The Knee Boots

Oh, how I love Over The Knee Boots. The main reason why I love them is because it allows you to wear your dresses without getting frost bite or adding the dreaded pair of pantyhose! It’s also great for the women who are participating in No Shave November ;). Any way, I believe every woman should own a pair or two of Over The Knee Boots. They are extremely gorgeous and add sex appeal to any outfit! Beware with what you pair it with, you don’t want the “Pretty Woman” look, if you know what I mean. Some tips for you ladies braving out into OTK boot world.

  • Stick to a solid color. Black, Brown & Nude are probably the safest bet. Your OTK boots are already creating enough attention, don’t add crazy prints, designs and colors to the mix.
  • Try to stick with flowy tops and dresses. Don’t go to route of “Pretty Woman” and pair them with a body hugging mini-skirt or dress unless it’s a long sleeve and non cleavage showing dress (like I did below)
  • Stay away from the slouchy OTK boot! I know, it looks cute sometimes and is in style but it’s very hard to pull off. It takes away the sexiness and adds sloppiness. Stick to ones that have elastic or a zipper in the back for a more form fitting look.
  • Stick to the old fashion rule. Cleavage or legs. Remember, although you are wearing boots, it will draw tons of attention to the lower half of your body especially your thighs! Don’t over do it!
  • Wen wearing them with jeans, make sure they are skinny jeans. Don’t wear your favorite boyfriend jeans with them. The key to styling OTK boots is balance. When in doubt, stick to leggings. They go with OTK boots extremely well!


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