Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder Medium Review


When I first opened my package and saw Kevyn Aucoin’s sculpting powder my mouth dropped. It was so little! I couldn’t believe it! It’s legit the same size of an ugly Clinique eyeshadow. Its ridiculously small, especially for a contouring/bronzing product. It literally is the size of an eyeshadow, my brush has trouble getting to it! But none the less its a decent product.

It’s extremely pigmented. It’s a bit chalky but at the same time its very finely milled, butter smooth. Its a true brown, think Benefit Hoola, but even browner (if thats a word). A true matte product thats perfect for contouring, if you blend and apply correctly. It’s ashy toned, which is perfect for contouring. The problem with a finely milled pigmented product is that you can apply too much very easily. This product needs to be put on little by little. This isn’t a swipe and go product. You must take your time with it, if not it will look like straight dirt. Less is more.


I will most likely not repurchase once I’m out of it because in my opinion there are better options out there. Hoola is basically a dupe for this product in my opinion. Only difference between this and Hoola is that its a smidge more brown/muddy in color and it’s formulation is better.If you are a person who loves to contour and can’t be without a contour then I suggest you look into this. If you contour sometimes, then stick to whatever your using now or try Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate( my personal favorite), Makeup Forever’s Shade & Highlight Kit or a truly matte bronzer like Hoola.



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  1. Michelle S. Bell says:

    That is a very brown powder. It might even contour someone with a deeper skin tone. I personally use MAC’s blunt because everything else tends to blend in with my brown complexion. Great post.

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