MedSpa vs DaySpa: Which One Is Right For You? All About Facials & Skincare Treatments

ImageWhen we think about facials we really don’t take into consideration which is best for our skin. We tend to just think a peel, extractions and steam. With the prevalence of MedSpa’s popping up everywhere, its important to evaluate our desired effects and choose which is better for us.

Day Spas:

Facial’s from Day Spa’s generally are more for relaxation and pampering. Spa facials are also great for general maintenance such as upkeep, light exfoliation such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels. A spa facial is good for someone who isn’t looking for drastic changes. Just a nice deep cleaning, pampering, some extractions if need and a nice glow. Facials from day spa’s (hotel spa’s,stand alone spa’s,etc) are preformed by cosmetologists who may have not had a lot of training or may be new to the field. When choosing a day spa, I suggest researching the spa and looking at the reviews. In short, Day Spa’s are more for relaxation and minor skin upkeep. I would not trust a Day Spa with high percentage chemical peels or other invasive procedures. If your skin is in good shape and you don’t want drastic change, just a nice relaxing experience and a good cleaning, then this is your best bet!


MedSpa (Medical Spa) is where you go to get more invasive procedures. This is where you go when you want to see some pretty noticeable changes in your skin. Wether it’s dark spots, uneven skin texture or laser hair removal, a MedSpa is your place to go. MedSpa’s usually have a physician on site as well as nurses and nurse’s assistants. The staff at MedSpas are way more knowledgable and educated that those at a Day Spa. MedSpas are great for deep chemical peels, any laser treatment (laser hair removal, fraxel) and even injectables such as Botox and fillers. Medspas are basically mini plastic surgery centers. Here is were all the non-anesthesia procedures are carried out. You can also get prescription grade skincare here such as Retin A and Latisse.

In Short: Keep Day Spas for general skin maintenance and upkeep. Only do treatments that carry minimal risks (such as a minor breakout or irritation) at Day Spas. Go to MedSpas for more invasive procedures that carry greater risks such as injectables and anything laser related.

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