Big Voluminous Hair: 8 Tips & Tricks for Big and Bouncy Hair!

hbz-dec-jan-2014-beauty-get-gorgeous-by-tonight-05-smIt’s no secret that I love big hair. I have a can of Elnett everywhere I go, as well as a few teasing brushes. But even all the hairspray in the world can’t give you super big hair.I love big hair, it adds a sexy glamorous look to your outfit. Hair is an accessory and can make or break your outfit! Here are some tips that I use to get big hair.

1). Layers, Layer, Layers! : Make sure you get the proper haircut and get lots of layers concentrating on the crown area. Ideally, try to get three sets of layers. Crown, mid-hair length and bottom. It also helps if you get your hair cut in a “V” shape.

2). Curl Your Hair With Flat Iron: This method gives the biggest and bounciest curls ever! Its hard to get big hair when your hair is straight unless you flip out the ends or have short layers you can tease. I find that curling your hair gives you the most volume. Then when you tease your curls, forget about it! Your hair will be so big and bouncy!

3). A Good Hairspray: Hairspray is key to having big hair. My favorites are L’Oreal Elnett, Kenra Volume Spray 25 and any Dry Shampoo. A good finishing spray for big hair is Paul Mitchells Extra Body Finishing Spray. Warning: It will give you SUPER HUGE hair, so use with caution!

4). Clip In Extensions: I can not life without extensions! My hair is pretty long, around 16-18 inches but I use extensions mainly for volume. There are many types of extension brands and qualities, but I will get into that more in another post.

5). Mousse: My favorite mousse is Living Proof’s Thickening Mousse. It gives your hair tons of volume and bounce. It’s not sticky at all, smoothes out hair and gives shine. I can’t live without it! Some other great mousse’s that I love are Kenra Volumizing Mousse and Bumble & Bumble’s Thickening Spray.

6). Add Highlights: Highlights give the illusion of voluminous hair since it reflects light and gives depth to your hair. Also, highlighting dries out your hair a bit so it won’t lay flat.

7). Velcro Rollers: Add some velcro rollers to your hair, spray then shoot it with your blow drier. Leave it in while you apply your makeup or get dressed.

8). Sleep With Hair In A High Bun: Flip your head over, grab all your hair and put it in a high bun after you blow dry before you go to sleep. The next morning when you let your hair loose, it will be flipped out, flipped in and voluminous. This is one of my favorite tricks. If you want to take it to the next level, hairspray your hair while its in a bun. Just be prepared for an ultra voluminous lions mane!

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