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I love Chanel. One of my favorites brands. The formulas are great and the packaging is gorgeous! Only problem you might have with Chanel is finding a shade match,but lately they have been working on it. Here is an overview of all Chanel foundations. What they do, skin type they are for and finish.

Chanel Vitalumiere Moisture Rich Radiance-

_6212041My favorite foundation from Chanel. This gives you that “J LO Glow”. It’s meant for dry skin and adds a ton of moisture to your skin. Light to Medium coverage and plumps up your skin. Such a gorgeous dewy look. Softens your facial features and hydrates, so if your prone to fine lines and flakes, this foundation is for you! Very moisturizing, I have really dry skin and still need to set it with a powder. Also, it transfers pretty easily, so don’t wear white! All in all, I love this foundation, especially in the winter. Doesn’t last long, maybe 5-6 hours but the dewy look this gives is worth it! Color selection is limited, very yellow based.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua


Don’t let the Vitalumiere name fool you (fooled me), this is not meant for dry skin. I also own this foundation and it gives a very natural but matte look. I need to moisturize heavily and apply a hydrating primer when I wear this. I also must exfoliate before hand. This is great for women with oily skin. When I get this to work correctly on my skin, it looks really natural and my skin is practically pore less. Wish it was more hydrating, the alcohol content in this is high. You can smell the alcohol hours after applying it. Overall a good foundation for oily skinned girls. Medium coverage.

Chanel Lift Lumiere-

_6211429Very similar to Vitalumiere, just not as moisturizing. The color range isn’t really that good as its different from the other Chanel foundations. This provides full coverage. Best for dry to normal skin and older skin types. I say if you want something that smoothes fine lines stick to Vitalumiere. Lift Lumiere claims to also be a skincare treatment that aids in firming the skin. Gives a satin finish.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere



Hated this foundation. This replaced Pro Lumiere which was one of my favorite Chanel foundations. This is Chanel’s answer to long wearing foundation. It is definitely not suited for dry skin. When I tried it on, it as a patch mess. Full of alcohol and hard to work with. This would work well for women with combination to oily skin who need their foundation to last all day. My girlfriend uses this and it looks good on her, she is pretty oily. The reviews aren’t to good for this one and coverage is medium to almost full. I think Chanel will be discontinuing this as not too many people love this foundation.

Mat Lumiere: 

_6430794Even though I have dry skin, this foundation isn’t too bad. As long as I moisturize heavily and exfoliate, it will look pretty decent on me. This looks beautiful on oily/combination skin. My Sales Associate uses this and her skin look immaculate with this on. I wouldn’t necessarily say its a matte finish. It’s more satin in my opinion. Medium to full coverage and lasting power is pretty good.


Best Foundation for Dry Skin: Vitalumiere

Best Foundation for Combo: Vitalumiere Aqua

Best Foundation for Oily: Mat Lumiere or Perfection Lumiere 


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