Nordstrom’s New Beauty Concept

It’s no secret my love for Nordstrom. Best customer service and quality items. It’s my go to for all my beauty needs! Recently my local Nordstrom has been updating some of its beauty sections. They aren’t really set up as counters anymore. They are beautiful wall installations that light up and give you that luxury feel. Let me tell you, I am loving this new concept! Lately they have been promoting their beauty departments heavily, calling it Nordstrom Beauty Spot.

nordstrom-beauty01Source & Photos: WWD
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Not only are their counters getting refreshed but the beauty specialists will no longer be limited to just one brand. I think this is a great idea since usually brand reps try to sell you everything in their brand. We all know that each brand has good and bad products, so now a beauty specialist could give you the perfect face from different brands! Think YSL eyes, Chanel Foundation, Laura Mercier primer and Giorgio Armani lips! I think this is a fantastic idea. Even more the reason to love Nordstrom.

Nordstrom is on its way to becoming the top beauty retailer. With it’s generous samples, beauty events and friendly staff, they are on their way to being the next Sephora!

Now only if they will roll out a rewards card like Sephora does.


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  1. Michelle S. Bell says:

    Haven’t been in a Nordstrom in a long time, which is a shame because it looks like they have done some primo upgrades! I live near a Nordstrom Rack so I frequent there, but the next time I visit my local high end mall I will definitely drop in. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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