My Favorite High Tech Beauty Tools

Beauty becomes more high tech by the day. Everyday there is a new machine coming out promising to work wonders. I’ve tried my share of high tech beauty tools and here are some of my favorites.

1). GHD Hair Straightener

I absolutely can not live without this. I use this for everything! Straightening, waves and curls. I only many curling irons but don’t even touch them. This is perfect for curls! I find my curls last way longer when I use my GHD. It features ceramic plates that add shine to hair and decrease heat damage. The rounded edges make it perfect for curls and flips. It also turns off by itself after 30 minutes which is fantastic! I cant count how many times I forget to turn it off and I hear the warning beep. I prefer this to CHI and Sedu. It has lasted me forever! Image2). RUSK W8less Ceramic Hair Dryer-

I first tried out Rusk’s Speed Freak dryer due to the great reviews but it was literally a speed freak! It literally blew my hair around and I couldn’t style it! Exchanged that for the W8less and I absolutely love it. It’s pretty light, the handle is comfortable and actually adds shine to my hair. I use this around 4 times a week and it never has failed me.The cold shot actually shoots cold hair, not cool hair like most dryers do. Its perfect and in my opinion, better than T3’s hairdryers.


3). Clarisonic

I’m sure you knew this was going to make the list. I have a love/hate with the Clarisonic. The purge period you go through is real. My skin definitely got worse before it got better. I cleanse my face pretty well so I really don’t use it for removing makeup. I use this at night time when I’m going to use my treatments and serums. After cleansing with the Clarisonic, there will be nothing in the way of your serum and you will get the maximum effects. Your serums and treatments will penetrate the skin much better!

Image4) Talika Heated Eyelash Curler

I dont use this often, only for special occasions and days I want my lashes to look immaculate. Since this is heated, I suggest not using it frequently. We all know that heat styling hair isn’t the best. When I do use this my lashes look longer and hold a curl perfectly! I put my first coat of mascara on, let it dry then curl it. After it’s curled I’ll apply more mascara and I’m done. This is a great tool if you use it in moderation. Make sure after using it you clean it well and apply a lash serum to your lashes to prevent further damage. Image

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