Laser Hair Removal: An Essential Treatment For All Women. My Experience, Thoughts and Review


I’ve been doing laser hair removal for years, about 5 years. In fact I have an appointment tomorrow for a touch up. I’ve done laser on my full body and its probably the best money I have ever spent! Not only does it remove hair, it makes your skin clearer, softer and healthier! It’s well worth the money and discomfort. One thing you need to understand is that it doesn’t remove all the hair, it just reduces the amount of hair you have. Don’t fret, even the hairs that grow back will grow in very fine and take longer to grow. I have experienced about a 90% reduction in hair and the hairs that do grow back are super fine. Sometimes they are even blonde.

Before you go wasting your money make sure you are an ideal candidate. Women who have light skin and coarse dark hair benefit the most from laser hair removal. I’d say if you are a NC35 and below, you’d be an ideal candidate. Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in your hair, so the darker the hair the better. It does not work on blonde or red hair.

Pain: This is probably your biggest concern when considering laser hair removal. It’s not like a rubber band snapping against your skin. Im so tired of hearing that. It feels like a poke in every hair follicle. Sounds painful but its not really bad. I’d say a 6/10 on the pain scale. You will not cry or be in agony! It’s definitely tolerable. If you are worried about the pain buy a numbing cream or take a pain killer an hour before. I’ve never used either of the latter and have never had a problem. Getting an injection hurts more, but laser lasts longer. It’s definitely worth any pain or discomfort you will experience. If you are frequently suffering from razor burns and ingrown hairs, you will much prefer this discomfort than the itchy and painful discomfort of razor burn.


When it comes to any procedure, there are risks involved. With laser, its mainly getting burned. Make sure you go to a professional and make sure your an ideal candidate! Look for reviews online and make sure the professional is licensed!

Before laser, its suggested that you shave the area so it can zap the hair at the follicle. After shaving, make sure you don’t apply any creams or lotions. Make sure you have not tanned or self tanned recently. Reason behind that is since the laser targets pigmentation, you can risk burning if the laser thinks your skin is a hair follicle. After your session you will be red and may be a bit swollen. It goes away in a few hours. I recommend no makeup or lotion afterwards! Let your skin heal naturally.

In the days after laser, it will appear as your hair is still growing since the follicle is getting pushed up. Don’t worry, you will start to shed those hairs soon. To maximize your results make sure you keep your appointments and stick with them! Every 4-6 weeks have a treatment. After your third or fourth treatment you will notice significant reduction. Depending on the area, you will need anywhere from 6-10 sessions. You will need maintenance. Every year or so. Touch up sessions once or twice a year are cheaper than all the waxing and shaving supplies you would have bought anyways.

With less hair growing and follicles becoming closed, your skin will thank you. It will no longer be irritated and become much softer. My skin is silky smooth and pretty uniform in color thanks to laser. It has reduced my hair drastically. It’s hands down one of the best things I’ve spent my money on. No more shaving or waxing. It’s one less beauty ritual to worry about!

Laser prices vary depending on the area you are in. In NYC laser goes anywhere from $60 for underarms to $150 half leg. Its not a bad deal. I’d say if your going to do an area, for example your legs it would come out to around 1,000.00 for a full package (10 sessions) and touch ups included in between.

Word of advice, don’t buy at home laser hair removal systems. They are completely useless! Save your money and go to a professional!

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  1. Michelle S. Bell says:

    I love the idea of laser hair removal, but sadly I’m Puerto Rican and an NC 44 so there is no way I’ll ever be able to do it. This post was definitely informative though. I will suggest to all my friends and clients that they see a professional.

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