All About Chemical Straighteners


We always want what we don’t have.Women with curls want straight hair and women with straight hair want more body. Curly girls know exactly how unruly curly hair can be, but alas there is something you can do about it. Chemical straightening. There are various types of chemical straighteners. There are some that you can wash your hair with and come out with flat, straight hair. There are some that require some maintenance such as blowdrying here and there. The one you choose all depends on you.

Is Chemical Straightening Right For You?

No matter how often you hear your stylist say “its gentle, it won’t damage hair”, it will. Depending on the current condition your hair is in, the strength used and the way the stylist applies it determines how bad it will damage your hair. With chemically straightened hair, you have an added maintenance. You must deep condition it often and refrain from excess heat styling. I suggest stocking up on your hair supplements months before your treatment. Make sure your hair is in optimal condition.

There are many different types of chemical treatments being marketed. The most popular being the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. This treatment straightens your hair by repelling moisture, adding shine (weighing down the hair) and coating the hair shaft. Some other popular options include Relaxers for African American hair and Texturizers which reduce frizz and blow dry time. But be warned, with texturizing treatments their will be a slight bend in your hair, usually somewhere close to the root. Another popular treatment is Japanese Straightening. This technique permanently straightens the hair until it grows out and leaves it stick straight with no body what so ever.

The Risks: 

As always, beauty comes with a price. There has been a big debate lately on the main ingredient in these treatments: Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a toxin known to cause Cancer. Sitting in a chair for an hour or so ingesting it, isn’t such a good idea. That’s why they have you wear masks. In my opinion, if I had really unruly hair I’d probably do it on occasion but try to refrain from it as much as possible. If your just being lazy and don’t want to blow dry your hair,don’t do it. Its not worth it. Breakage and dry, brittle hair are another risk.

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