My Mascara Tips & Tricks for Voluminous Lashes

I love mascara. Its one thing I cant leave the house without. I also love false lashes, but I don’t have time to apply them everyday. My main objective with my lashes is to add volume, not so much length. Here are some tips and tricks I use.

Image1). Its not so much about the formula then it is the brush:

The brush is the most important part of mascara application. Mascara is mascara. Ive used all kinds, drugstore and high end. Sure, some formulas are a little better than others but the brush is the key here. If you want voluminous lashes, stick to a thick, fat brush. If you want long, baby doll lashes still to thin brushes with thin bristles that aren’t so densely put together. 

2). Don’t brush up, DAB!

If you want voluminous lashes avoid brushing the mascara wand all the way up. Dab it on your lashes. Dabbing is pressing the mascara brush to your lashes. Just keep dabbing and dabbing. Do a few dabs, let it dry and do something else for 5 minutes. Then dab again. Keep repeating until you’ve reached the level of volume you want

3). Wiggle

If you want volume and length then use the wiggle technique. Put the mascara brush at the beginning of your lashes, comb up just a little bit and start wiggling side to side. Keep moving up as your wiggling. It will give you much more definition and help with length.

4). Layer Different Mascaras

My favorite trick! I use 2-3 mascaras at once. This is especially good for you ladies who want both volume and length. Use a lengthening mascara, let it dry and then use a volumizing mascara. 

5). Let Mascara Become Dry

I hate the first few uses of mascara. If you want thick, voluminous lashes stay away from wet formulas! They will weigh your lashes down and take forever to dry. Mascara is best when its a bit dried out. 


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