Diptyque Candles: Are They Worth The Price?

I love candles. I always have one burning. It relaxes me and makes the room look cozy and smell good. I’ve tried them all! From Target, Slatkin and Yankee. I even own a NARS candle which I love so much and don’t want to even burn! Anyway, Diptyque candles have been hyped up lately and here is my take on them.555068_10202026054045587_1277773566_n

I own two Diptyque candles, Baies and Figuier. The design of the candle is classic. Chic and understated. What else would you expect from a French brand? They love beautiful anywhere and I see them as a decoration honestly. They are pretty pricey. A 6.5 oz Diptque candle cost $60 in comparison to a Yankee candle which cost $27 for a 22 oz candle. A huge difference in price and product! I personally love Yankee candles. I also love Bath & Body Works candles too! Plus they are always having deals, the other day I purchased 3 large 3 wick candles for $28! Major steal!

Ok, back to Diptyque. I have a love/hate relationship with this brand. I love the fanciness of the candle and love the throw, but I honestly think they are way over priced. If it was $60 for 22oz, I would purchase in a heart beat! But its just too expensive. It smells like any ordinary priced candle honestly. You can get the same throw and quality from a Yankee or Molton Brown candle. What gets people to buy this candle is the price. It makes it more exclusive and is nice to have out when guests arrive. I only use mine when I have guests or feel like having a really relaxing and pampered day. Would I repurchase? Maybe if I buy a set like the one below and get a reasonable amount of savings. But for now I’ll stick to my Yankee Candles. Image

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