My Secret to Success: Be Overdressed, Confident and Over Educated

tumblr_m1k8zoAtlD1r9dr15o1_500Lets face it ladies, our society is very visual. The way you look plays an important part in your career and life. Instead of complaining how society treats women and how women need to look good to get ahead, use it to your advantage! Be a smart girl, use what you got! People will judge you by your appearance and presentation, you only have about 1-2 minutes before someone has already judged you. Here are some of my secrets to success.

Number 1 Rule: CONFIDENCE

No matter how expensive your Saint Lauren bag is or how high your Louboutins are,you will not get ahead in life without confidence. Be confident in everything you do! Confidence is super sexy and shows that you know your self worth. Wether your in a boardroom meeting or on a first date, put your best face forward.


Rule 2: Dress to success

Always look your best, always! I don’t care what anyone says but its better to be overdressed than underdressed. Do you want to be the girl in the office who sits in her cubicle in her flats and drab dress suit and gets no attention? Or do you want to be the girl everyone in the office talks about? Stand out! By standing out, you will get more attention and more attention means people will know your name! Chances are there are plenty of girls you work with, stand out from the crowd. A woman who cares about her appearance is seen as more educated and successful, really. This especially goes out to women who work in careers that require lots of communication with other people. ┬áSo go ahead, wear your new pair of Manolo’s, be the stylish and beautiful woman you are!


Rule 3: Put your best face forward

Literally! Put some makeup on that face and do your hair. Make the effort! Look polished! Take care of yourself ladies. Wether you like it or not, looks get you far! Don’t complain on how society is vain, be a smart girl and use it to your advantage! Everyone is beautiful, I truly mean that! Know how to play up your best features! Take care of your skin and hair. Look glowing and healthy at work.

Rule 4: Educate yourself

Be the girl everyone asks questions to. Be knowledgable in your field. Socialize. I am not talking just about a college degree here, Im talking about knowing your stuff. You work in finance? Don’t just stick to numbers and the economy, educate yourself on what’s buzzing at the moment. It will give you something to talk about at the water cooler other than the stock market. It will give you and your co-workers a quick little break from talking about numbers all day.


All in all, take this advice and work these tips around your career. Im tired of hearing about girls complaining about how beauty fades or how sexism is still around. Be smart, use it to your advantage! Look good! When you look good you feel good.




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