My Number 1 Tip For Loosing Weight and Healthy Skin

I was always told, one day its just going to hit you. Your not going to be able to eat anything and everything you want, especially at 4am and still be skinny. Well it did hit me! My days of college binge eating are officially over! No more juice 24/7 and chili cheese fries after a night out of dancing. I had to start curbing my habits and it would be through diet. Not exercise. I don’t work out at all! I know I should, but I just don’t. Not because I’m lazy (sometimes I am) but mostly because I don’t want to ruin my hair. Yes, you heard that right! I love my precious tresses and only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. If I work out, I’m going to perspire and my hair will turn an icky mess! Then I would have to wash it after every work out! Ladies, Im sure you get what Im saying. After deep hair masks, blow drying my hair and curling/straightening it, Im not going to mess it up! My number one tip for loosing weight is…..

Switching to water!

water bottle

Stop buying soda, juice or whatever else you drink. Buy water and only have water in your fridge. Why? ZERO CALORIES! A can of soda has around 140 calories. If you drink soda 2-3 times a day thats almost 500 calories you are cutting out! Plus your skin will benefit from it. Even if you hate water, you will get used to it. Trust me! When I want some flavor I squeeze lemon into it and it tastes just like lemonade.

There. How simple is that? Don’t even buy soda to have around for “guests” or when your craving it. Only have water because thats all you will drink! I doubt you will want to go to the store at 3am cause your craving soda. You’ll be stuck with water and once your thirst is quenched you will be glad!


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