MAC Fast Response Eye Cream Review

IMG_6389Finally time for a bad review! I’ve been reviewing stuff I love lately, for obvious reasons. But as I sit here having a glass of wine and listening to some lounge/house music I realize I should share my bad experiences with you.

Ok, this experience isn’t so bad. It just didn’t work and irritated my eye area. Around a year or so ago I was in the “dark circle craze”. My dark circles looked really prominent (to me at the time) and I needed to fix it as soon as possible. I started buying eye creams everywhere! I looked up reviews and saw pretty good reviews for this cream. Plus it was only $31, reasonable when it comes to eye creams. Especially one marketed as Fast Response.

MAC claims this caffeinated eye cream instantly, erases the look of dark circles instantly, firms and softens skin around the eye. I did not experience any of that. Here is why I did not like this eye cream:

  • Irritated my eyes to the point where they got watery and itchy
  • Made makeup go on cakey and flakey looking. Think reptile skin, scales.
  • Dried out my under eyes
  • Actually made my dark circles more pronounced

I was very disappointed that this didn’t work out for me. The reviews were pretty good. Many reviewers said they couldn’t live without this product. The MAC sales lady said its the number one best seller but, they say that about every product so I should’ve known. It may work for you though, you never know until you try it out. Just giving you my experience with it!


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