Beauty Favorites: Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation Review

ImageA quick background on my skin. Its dry and prone to redness. Thats pretty much my only concerns skin wise. After years of trying foundations, I stumbled upon a new favorite: Chanel Vitalumiere. I love a dewy, bronzed glow. Think JLO. This is actually one of the foundations JLO uses, I swear! I even saw it in the background of one of her photos one day. Enough about my love for JLO, lets get on to the review.

Chanel Vitalumiere (not to be confused with Vitalumiere Aqua) is a light to medium coverage, hydrating foundation. If you have oily skin or even slight oily skin you better run away! My skin is pretty dry and I have to blot with this foundation. Never in my life did I ever think with dry skin I would have to blot. This is the only foundation I have to set with powder, if not I will look like an oil slick, my pores would look huge and it will just slide off. Yes, like all good products theres always a catch. The catch with this foundation is that its not long lasting at all. It will literally slide of your face if you don’t set it with powder. Oh, and make sure your face doesn’t touch anything at all, even with powder because it will come over in an instant! It also has the tendency to sink into pores, so make sure you use a primer and a powder puff to apply power. I actually use my fingers to apply it (big shocker) and blend it in with my beauty blender. I then take a powder puff (don’t use a brush cause you will just buff the foundation right off) and dab my powder on to set it. I use Chanel DoublePerfection Matte or MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish. I am 20 Clair in this foundation, its a little dark for me but since I spray tan and self tan its perfect when matching my neck. This color is also great at covering my redness, it gives me an olive tone which I love!


Look at that beautiful sheen it has, even when blended in! Its truly a gorgeous foundation if you want that dewy and glowy look. It has a floral scent to it and probably isn’t the best for your skin so make sure you wash your face really good. At one point, I was wearing this foundation daily for months and started getting white bumps under my skin. The foundation is so hydrating and full of oil that if you dont wash it off completely, it will clog up your pores. I use this foundation for special occasions, usually ones during the day since it looks super natural in sunlight. Don’t wear this for a girls night out, it will be gone after the first drink!

Do you prefer Vitalumiere or Vitalumiere Aqua? Will you be trying this foundation out soon?



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