The Best Dry Shampoos: My Dirty Little Secret to Healthy, Voluminous Hair

Do you want shiny, voluminous and healthy hair? Then stop washing it so much! That is the number one rule to good hair. Wash at maximum two times a week. Would you rather suffer through some oily hair and put it in a bun or have dry, brittle and damaged hair? I wash my hair twice a week and sometimes a third time if I did anything that caused my head to sweat or if I am going to an event and need nice hair. In between hair washes, I use dry shampoo. It adds texture and makes my hair less oily. Here are some of my favorites.

1). Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray $39oribe

Oribe is a luxury hair brand that I fell in love with after my hair stylist tried this on me for extra volume.This is a spray form. It takes away about 90% of my oil and gives a bounce to my hair like no other product would. Adds tons of volume and you know us Jersey girls love some volume! Smells really good also! Plus this can just looks so beautiful and luxurious in my bathroom! A must have!

2). Klorane Dry Shampoo $18

Klorane-Gentle-Dry-Shampoo-Oat-Milk-1299I stumbled upon this beauty when reading a post by HudaBeauty. After the claims she made I just had to try it. This is another great product and well worth the money. It seriously takes almost all the oil out of my hair and adds volume. Its in a powder form, looks like baby powder and smells really good. Just rub it in your roots and voila, shine free hair. I don’t recommend this for dry haired girls though as it can be a bit drying and takes away a substantial amount of shine from your hair.

3). Pssst Dry Shampoo $4

psssssstA good drugstore find and very cheap. This is great for when you are on vacation and left your good stuff at home. You can find this pretty much anywhere. Its cheap, adds volume and removes oil. I like this one way better than Batiste. This isn’t my go to product only because it makes my hair feel dirty but I will use it on occasions where I don’t want to waste my more expensive dry shampoos or if I don’t have my others handy. I suggest everyone to give this a try, its only $4. You have nothing to lose!

4). Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Brunette $25

oscarIf you have a problem with dry shampoos leaving a white residue on your hair then this is your product to try! It has a brown tint so it blends in with darker hair perfectly. Not my favorite but a decent dry shampoo. I would only recommend this to people who have trouble with other dry shampoos since this matches hair color better.

Which is your favorite? Do you use any of these? Comment below!

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  1. luxebeau says:

    I will have to try it out. Im always there actually, never tried it out since Im getting my hair washed anyway. Thanks!

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