Fragrance Unlocked: Before You Buy Your Next Fragrance, Read This


You think that gift set is great for $75 right? It must be since it brings a full sized fragrance, body lotion and a roller ball. Well think again. Before you buy your next fragrance make sure you know the difference between Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and Parfum. The difference between them is the level of fragrance oils they have. The higher percentage of fragrance oil, the more potent and long lasting the scent will be.

Eau de Toilette: The lowest on the chain of perfumes. Not saying its horrible to own an EDT, I have some myself and they smell very good. The problem with EDT is its lasting power and scent. EDT has the lowest concentration level of fragrance oils. It has less intensity and the smell isn’t as over powering. Doesn’t last very long and fades quickly.

Eau de Parfum: The happy medium that I believe is best. A step up from Eau de Toilette in terms of lasting power and scent but still not overbearing. Lasts pretty much a full work day (8 hours) and needs minor retouching, if at all. Your scent will linger and will not have that alcohol and chemical smell to it. This is my favorite type.

Parfum- This is the highest level of fragrance oils you will get in a fragrance. It lasts the longest, smells way more potent and richer. I only own a few Parfum’s because they can be pretty over powering. With a Parfum, once you walk into a room the first thing people notice is not you, but your scent. This can be a problem at work if there are people around who have allergies or complain about fragrance. If you already have a fragrance you absolutely love then purchase the Parfum version of it. It will be more intense, richer and complex.

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