Beautyblender Review: A makeup standby I cant be without

IMG_5125My love affair with the beautyblender started in 2009. I remember the day vividly, it was Sephora’s Friends and Family Sale and I said why not. Since that day I never looked back. This dream sponge is an absolute must have! I wouldn’t dream of putting foundation on without it! I’ve tried every way to apply foundation. Brushes, Fingers, Stippling, Buffing and etc but nothing beats the beautyblender. The design is simple but ingenious. Its soft and has the right curves and points which make blending foundation and concealer a breeze. This melts makeup right into my skin unlike other brushes that pile it on.

Best way to use it is by dampening the sponge and squeezing out the excess. If you use it dry it will absorb all of your foundation and won’t blend as well.

The only problem with the beautyblender is how it holds up. It doesn’t last too long. Like 2-3 months and it starts to tear and becomes impossible to clean. I also like the black version better than the pink one because it doesn’t look as disgusting. Seeing that pinkish brown sponge just grosses me out somedays. Even though I clean it, it still gets stained. There is no difference between the black, white and pink ones. IMG_8563All in all, this is a fantastic product that I cant live without. I buy them in bulk. I have 3 boxes of two packs in my closet. It is well worth the price!

Do you own a beautyblender? If so, how many months of use do you get out of it?



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