Urban Decay Vice Palette Review & Swatches

All eyeshadows I own are nude, taupe and brown. I never really venture outside the neutrals but I’ve always wanted to do a nice glittery purple eye for New Years Eve. When I saw this palette I was like, well let me add some color to my eyeshadow collection and the best way to do so is in palette form.



As always, Urban Decay palettes are great for the price. You get many, high quality eyeshadows and the convenience of a palette. Im not really a fan of the packaging.Its a hollow plastic and doesn’t seem very durable. The big “blinged out” UD logo on the front is really gaudy. Take that from a Jersey girl because Jersey girls are usually the epitome of gaudy. I like more sleek and understated packaging like Chanel’s and Tom Ford’s. None the less, I think its great for the price and most of the colors are extremely pigmented. Here are the swatches.
















I bought this palette to explore with some color but I ended up using the last row and the rest of the browns and nudes in the palette so mission failed. When I build up the courage to be more loud and have that “New Years Eve Eyeshadow” full of purple and glitter everywhere, I will glady open up this palette. The quality of the shadows are fantastic and for $59, its definitely a steal and worth it. A great palette to add to any makeup collection!


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