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NewBeauty Spring 2011 Cover

I love me some beauty magazines, but its hard to find one that caters to my tastes. I mostly gravitate toward luxury cosmetics, new advances in cosmetic surgery and the usual beauty articles. Its hard to find a magazine that has this all until two or three years ago while I was in LAX waiting for my flight back to NYC. I stumbled upon New Beauty. Double the price of most beauty magazines ($9.99), but this magazine was so fat,glossy and had my beauty idol on the front: JLo. I started flipping through the pages and I was like a child on Christmas, all giddy and excitement. I saw such beautiful features, charts, celebrity transformations, cosmetic doctors all over and breast. Yup, saw a lot of breast, uncensored. At that time I was contemplating getting my Breast Augmentation and I found these photos and reviews so helpful! I loved this magazine so much, I headed to eBay and bought all the older copies I could get my hands on. This magazine is not really well known and you really cant buy it everywhere. My local Barnes & Noble didn’t even carry it! Ladies, if you are obsessed with beauty as much as I am, you must become a reader of this magazine. Everything from chemical peels to best bronzers to the best injectables and hair color for your skin color, this is something for everyone!





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