Injectables 101: Botox vs Fillers

injection in the eye

Botox. Everyone talks about Botox. You don’t know how many times Ive heard people say “Im going to get Botox, my lips are so small” or “I wish my cheeks were bigger, maybe I’ll try Botox”. No,you will not try Botox because Botox can’t make your lips bigger or cheeks fuller.

Botox or Dysport are meant to freeze your muscles. By freezing your muscle it reduces the movement in the areas of the face that are most likely to wrinkle. Botox is used both as an anti-ageing treatment and as a cosmetic procedure. If you are starting to see wrinkles forming or scared of getting those dreaded laugh lines and crows feet, start Botox. Wrinkles form when the skin is constantly in movement. Example, if you squint your eyes a lot eventually you will start to notice creasing. Same with laughing. When you laugh look at your self in the mirror and look at the lines and creases that are forming. That is where your wrinkles will appear. You want to stop that? Get Botox. Botox stops your muscles from contracting, with no muscles contracting your skin won’t move as much or at all if you like that look and won’t create creases.

Fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane are to add volume. These don’t touch the muscle, it essentially adds man made fat to your skin to plump up the feature you want to be fuller. These are the ones you go to when you want fuller lips, fuller cheeks and whatever else you want to be bigger. These are more expensive than Botox, typically about $200-$300 more.

Hope this cleared up any misconceptions. Feel free to ask any questions!



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