My go to lip combo: MAC Fleshpot, MAC Underage & MAC Oak Lipliner review

I love a nude lip! I usually don’t venture out into dark colors as I feel nude lips fit me perfectly. I gravitate towards pinky-nudes and peachy-nudes. For the past two years my go to lip combo has been MAC’s Fleshpot lipstick and MAC’s underage lipgloss. Fleshpot is pretty nude and very opaque so the key is to use a dark lipliner with it so you don’t look like a porn star. When I want an extra glossy finish I put MAC’s Underage lipgloss, basically Fleshpot in a lipgloss form. A baby pink nude.



                    Bottom Lip is after Juvederm with Fleshpot only, top lip is now, that the Juvederm is going away & with lipgloss on top.

MAC Fleshpot is only available online and at pro-stores. It’s a satin finish meaning its pretty opaque and has a slight sheen to it. You can really load the product on with this lipstick and mute out your lips completely, which I love because my lips are pretty red. In comparison to MAC Myth, this is pretty much a more baby pink version of it. While I love the color and love how opaque it is, the formulation isn’t my favorite. I don’t really care for MAC lipsticks since they are usually drying and can sit in your lines. I use a heavy lip balm underneath and also pack on the color, around 4-5 swipes. Since its pretty creamy, with a few swipes it keeps your lips more moisturized and doesn’t show the effect of the dryness as much. This is a must have for me. I always have backups of these. I just wish I could find this color in a better formulation. Every time I try another lipstick similar to this, I keep going back! I cant find this color anywhere and its really flattering against my skin. For reference I am around a NC20 in MAC.



                                    L-R: Underage Lipgloss, Oak Lipliner and Fleshpot. Oak looks scary swatches but great on!

Underage is very pigmented which is one of the main reasons I love it. Its a pale baby pink color with no shimmer, just sheen. The key with this lipgloss is to pair it with your favorite nude lipstick. You cant wear this lipgloss alone. It will come out a total mess! It will seep into all your lines and the color will look terrible. This is one of those lip glosses you cant get away with using it alone. It goes on smooth and glossy over lipstick and looks great over Fleshpot. I usually only wear lipgloss on a night out when I want extra shine. 


MAC Oak is one of the few lipliners I wear, when I do decide to put on lipliner. When I first purchased it I thought it was was to dark and it looked scary and “chola-ish”, but it looks perfect with this combo. I only wear this when Im going out or have a special event where I want my lips to be more defined. None the less, this is a great color and great formula. I think everyone with Light & Medium skin tones should own this. Its super versatile and goes with almost anything! 


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