Louboutin Pigalle Review: 100mm Patent Leather

Since its Winter I decided to purchase the even so classic Christian Louboutin Pigalle’s. They are so classic, chic and go with anything. I am a lover of open toe heels but since its Winter I had to purchase some close toe shoes and turned to the Christian Louboutin boutique in the West Village. 935529_10201896375643708_1283258647_n



I chose to purchase the Pigalle in Patent Leather because in my experience they hold up way better. They also have a sheen to it which gives the black color a sexy but sophisticated look. These run true to size and I actually purchased them a half size smaller because they will stretch out a bit. Plus I LOVE toe cleavage, so by going down half a size it shows more. These shoes are a complete must for any woman’s wardrobe. Whether you are working it in the boardroom meeting or working it out at the club, these shoes will add elegance. They are the perfect go to shoe that goes with anything! I also suggest if you are just starting your shoe collection to start off with these. You will get a ton of wears out of them and they will look good season after season. Very good quality.




Comfort wise, I’d say they are a 7 out of 10. They aren’t the most comfortable since the toe box is pretty small and the heel is thin. These heels are not meant to be used to walk around all day anyways. Suck it up! Any pain is so worth it for these shoes and they are not as uncomfortable as people say they are. Worst case scenario just buy some gel insoles, but I doubt you will need them. You’ll be to busy feeling fabulous to think about any discomfort.



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