Chanel Le Volume and Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash Review

I love mascara. Love, love, love it! I cant be without it. My main purpose for mascara is to build volume, not so much length as my lashes are pretty long (thanks to L’oreal Lash Boosting Serum). I love a nice thick set of lashes, so mascara is one of my important steps when applying makeup. My trick for making lashes look thicker is mixing mascaras. I use two and sometimes three different mascaras in one day! The first two coats I just apply to the base by wiggling and tapping it on. Only the base, not all the way up. Once thats dry I then tap the top of my lashes. I use the tapping motion because it builds volume. If you just run the mascara brush through your lashes it’ll add length. Tapping it on is the best way to build volume. Now not all mascaras are good for tapping, you need a thick and dark formula for this. Heres were my ultimate favorites come in. Make Up Forever Smokey Lash & Chanel Le Volume



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