My Favorite Sunglasses at the Moment: Gucci “Marina Chain” 63mm Aviator Review

I love a good pair of sunglasses but they are so hard to find! I’ve finally figured out what frames work the best for me, Aviators. I love big sunglasses and when I say big I mean HUGE! I tend to gravitate towards Tom Ford and Gucci sunglasses since they usually have really big lenses and are good quality. I bought these just before Summer 2013 and fell in love! The quality is superb and I love the glamorous look it brings to my face!ImageImage


At first I was worried about the chain on the side. I though it looked cheap and tacky. Im not big on sunglasses with weird arches or sides and hate logos on my glasses but I made an exception for these. The chain looks so beautiful and the quality is so good! The chain is made out of thick metal and is not hollow. These sunglasses are very sturdy and my favorite ones (so far) in my collection. They have 4 shades, white,silver,gold and rose gold. They retail for $395 and I purchased mine at Neiman Marcus.



4 thoughts on “My Favorite Sunglasses at the Moment: Gucci “Marina Chain” 63mm Aviator Review

  1. Kiki says:

    Hey…I know this is an old post but your blog came up when I was searching for the sunglasses online. What colour are the ones you have- rose gold? Really cute blog Btw, I like your posts x

  2. Gucci says:

    Gucci is my favorite brand because it’s has wild range of designer and fashionable prescription eyewear. I LOVE the Gucci GG 3500 glasses. They make a real style statement

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