My Experience with Plastic Surgery: Juvederm for my Lips

As you will see, Im not afraid of plastic surgery and not afraid of owning it. I’ve had my share of surgical procedures both under anesthesia and without. I will get into my other procedures in the future but today I will talk about my experiences with getting my lips plumped.


A lot of my friends get their lips plumed up all the time and after a while I was like, let me try it. Ive never had thin and unattractive lips but I’ve heard from several people that it can change your face. At the time I was considering getting my lips done, I wasn’t too happy with the lower half of my face. Every since I started parting my hair down the middle a la J.Lo and Kim K, I felt like my face was long and I wanted to make it shorter(I eventually got surgery for that, but thats another post). I decided that if I get my lips bigger, it would make my chin look smaller, so I called up my Plastic Surgeon to set up a date. He wasn’t available since he was on vacation and of course I want it NOW, so I went to my dermatologist. She recommend Juvederm Ultra 2 Image

We ended up going with Juvederm 2 because it was thin enough to go in the lips without looking lumpy or feeling hard, but also a bit more thicker than Juverderm 1, so It could last longer. I was told it would last about 9 months.

 She gave me a dental block first (to numb up my lips, since I heard it felt like your lips will about to explode!) and we waited a bit. My lips started to swell from the dental block before she even injected me with Juvederm. I did not feel a thing, I was so excited in that chair and couldn’t wait to see my results. Once I got out the chair, I loved my results! I was so happy with them and loved the size. This photo was taken around 3 hours after. 



I was loving my lips, swollen and all! I actually didnt want the swelling to go down. I thought they were so voluminous and plump. Well, the loving stage didn’t last long. After 4 days my friends and family kept saying once side is bigger, I noticed it too but I figured it was because it was still swollen. I kept telling everyone that it’ll go away. Well about a month later it look even more uneven since all the swelling had gone down and I now saw the results. I had about 20% more on the right side of my lip. Its been 10 months and I feel like its starting to go away but you can still tell one side is bigger than the other. 


On the bright side: Juvederm 2 really does last long, longer than the 9 months they tell you. So if you get it done right you can easily make it a year before your next injection. 

On the down side: Make sure your injector knows how to use Juvederm. I trust my dermatologist and think she is great, but I will stick with her only for skincare issues and Botox, not lip fillers.

I dont think I will get my lips done again. To me it wasn’t worth the money and I didnt like my lips bigger, it didnt go with my face well. Ill stick to lip liners and my Dior Lip Maximizer for the days I want to have fuller lips

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