Hair Care Routine: Kenra, Fekkai, Redken

In the post I will feature my favorite shampoos and conditioners.To keep my hair healthy I only wash my hair twice a week, three times at max! I will mention in another post my favorite styling products, haircut/color & blow-dry.



These are my current three shampoos that I use in rotation. I love voluminous hair so I tend to gravitate toward volumizing shampoos.

I like Big Sexy Hair mainly because the packaging and the name (lame!) but its honestly a good shampoo and it looks cute in the shower! It gives me a ton a volume and the new formula now has no sulfates which is great! Sulfates are horrible for your hair, its an added ingredient that makes the shampoo lather (bubbly) and dries out your hair! When I first used this shampoo I didnt think it was cleaning my hair, it felt like I was making it more oily. I got used to it and now use it all the time. Plus it doesn’t damage my highlights! You can buy the liter at Ulta for around $21.

Kenra is my favorite and is a very respectable hair line, pretty expensive too! It smells like peaches and gives me even more volume than the Big Sexy Hair. It also gives my hair more bounce and shine. I use this usually on weekends, when I want my hair extra big and voluminous. I got the liter at Ulta for around $35-40.

Lastly is Redken All Soft, a cult favorite! I dont really use this often because my hair isn’t damaged, plus I like a lot of volume and if your add too much moisture to your hair it will fall flat. I usually use this when I feel like I’ve mistreated my hair (too much heat styling,hairspray,etc). I only use a little bit though because if I use to much my hair comes out greasy! I would recommend this for blondes and girls who have damaged and dry hair. Retails for around $16.

My Conditioners-


I use Macadamia oil hair mask the most. It smells so good, just like JuicyFruit gum! It leaves my hair incredibly soft, shiny and easy to manage. Since this is a mask, I tend to use it mostly on my ends. I leave it on for about 5 minutes. This is a must! One of my favorite products. I just hate how I have to scoop it out of a tub! Retails for around $32.

I use the Fekkai Glossing Conditioner sometimes, only when I want extra shine but not too much hydration. If I use this, I will put it all over my head since its mostly for a “glossy” look and not for hydration. Retails for around $9 ( I have the travel size).

The Virgin Coconut Oil I got from Whole Foods and use it like once a month as a deep mask. I will take a shower and leave this in for a few hours while wearing a shower cap. Then I will rinse it off, then shampoo again then add my conditioner. Its a very intense treatment so I suggest shampooing again, since its very oily.

The other products I have not used yet, my mother gave them too me. They are just sitting their waiting to be used. Will update those when I use them!

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  1. luxebeau says:

    Eventually your hair will get used to it trust me. At first mine was the same, but now my hair is pretty much accustomed to the cycle. Hang in there! If its looking greasy put some baby powder, or use some dry shampoo. I like Psssst Dry Shampoo the best

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