Essie “Fiji” Nail Polish Review

Im a typical Jersey girl. Big hair, big hoop earrings and french manicures but I was inclined to add a pop of color to my nails. I grew bored of my 5 year love affair with French Manicures so I headed to Ulta to find a neutral pink nail polish. I bought a few to try out. Essie Ballet Slippers (too sheer), Opi Malaysian Mist (too nude) and Essie Fiji. Essie Fiji is total man-bait, men love this color! I literally get complimented atleast once a day by a man on my nails! Its pink and girly but at the same time polished and sophisticated. Once you have 2-3 layers on, it looks like glass! ImageImage


I would describe this color as a milky-pink with white undertones, it really pops on my nails but at the same time isn’t dramatic. I will warn you though, its a little tricky to apply and you definitely require more than 1 coat. First coat goes on very streaky, second coat goes on more opaque and by the third coat you have a beautiful rich color. Its best to take this polish to your manicurist to apply since I couldn’t manage to apply it alone but its so worth it! Color is absolutely gorgeous and very flattering on fair-light skin. Be prepared to be asked “What Nail polish is that?” at every cash register you use!



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